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S C U L P T U R A L   O B J E C T S
Selected Works

2004, Communion
Textile, Thread, Feather, Mantra
2004, Arid Breathing
Wire, Bead, Waxed Thread
2004, Ritual Ecology
Encaustic, Photo, Oil, Organic Matter
2004, Solace
Textile, Kodalith, Lightbox
2004, Migration
Encaustic, Photo, Wire, Branches
2004, Harsh Terrain
Plaster, Encaustic, Oil, Branch, Tree Stump, Bead
2004, Perhaps This Whisper
Encaustic, Pods, Beads, Branch, Audio

1998, Wood, Photo, Bead
2007, Offer
Wax, Resin
2010, Deer Woman
Clay, Glaze, Dream
2006, Pod
Wire, Paper, String, Wax
2001, Gut Wrench
Plaster, Encaustic, Oil
2001, Compost of a New World Order
Plaster, Encaustic, Salt, Shredded Text
2001, The Fruit of Debris
Plaster, Encaustic, Pomegranate, Shredded Text
2001, Vacant
Plaster, Encaustic, Bamboo wood